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A Joint Project of the Council On Adoptable Children
& The California Department of Social Services


A message from Becky Porteous - 

Hello Everyone:

 Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of becoming reacquainted with some families I met during their adoption process and other families of adoption that are new to me.  Thankfully I was selected to fill the Family Therapist position after Terri Vodden took new employment.  So far I’ve enjoyed the monthly Parent Support Group where a handful of parents get together each month to discuss a variety of issues.  Some recent topics include; talking to children about adoption, sibling conflict, behavioral issues and respite.  It is always a pleasure to hear mothers and fathers share experiences and brainstorm ways to deal with issues that are unique to adoption.

 There is no pre-set agenda for the meeting, giving parents the opportunity to check in with each other and then focus on areas of particular interest that month.  This meeting is held on the first Wednesday of each month from 12 noon until 1:30pm.  A light lunch is provided.

 Counseling, another component of the program, has given me opportunities to work with children, teens and adults who were adopted as well as with adoptive, birth parents, grandparents and siblings.  A wide variety of issues have arisen in these sessions from every day issues to extremely complex problems.  Often parents call with a concern about their child.  When this happens, I meet with the parents for the first session to get an overview of the situation, gain and understanding of the concern and begin to develop a plan to work with the family or child toward their goals.  Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) is a service that I am able to offer.  Although my experience is somewhat limited, I do have a mentor and guide who is able to assist as I continue to develop my skills in this are.  Please do no hesitate to call the office if you would like to set an appointment or talk about your situation.

 Currently, Rose Baker and I recently conducted our first teen group.  Our plan is to meet on the fourth Friday each month in March, April and May.  For the first meeting we made collages and talked about what makes us happy.  Everyone made great contribution to the discussion and seemed to enjoy themselves.  We also brainstormed some ideas for the next two meetings.  In June we will have an activity such as bowling, lazar tag or something of that nature.

 If you are interested in any of the services provided by this program, please give me a call at the office, 707.476.9210 or my cell 707.499.5203.


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10 West 7th Street, Suite H
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(707) 476-9210
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